Our Story

Our story begins with a love we share: the love for creating human bonding.  Over the years we figured out how to make this happen – joint experiences create bonds!  And ever since, we have been busy turning festivals, events and even routine get-togethers into meaningful and unforgettable experiences, which can be both profound and lighthearted; serious and fun – yet all involve giving to and bonding with people of all kinds.

We have discovered that if one is able to create the right atmosphere, combined with an appealing environment, dialogue follows and bonding is formed.

Sarit studied Theatre Studies and gives empowerment workshops, while Anati is a speech therapist and a life coach.  We are both energetic and creative redheads, who love beauty and harmony.  After years of carrying out interactive activities within the family circle and with our close friends, we decided to let everyone join our circle of love, and set up Hooga: Game.  Experience.  Family.  So, you no longer have to work hard to create the perfect atmosphere; all you have to do is get together!

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